Shenyang SportUniversity, founded in 1954, is one of the six leading sports educational institutions inChina, and the largest one with the most disciplines in northeastChina . Its spacious modern campus covers 710,000㎡ with an additional snow sports center of 500,000㎡, and total building area of more than 280,000㎡. It offers first-class teaching, training and research facilities inChina. Of its 516 faculty members, 70 are professors, and 172 are associate professors. 7743 undergraduates and 675 graduate students are currently studying in 16 programs including P.E. sports training, traditional Chinese sports, sports for all, marketing (concentrating on sports marketing), kinesiology, acting (concentrating on sports dancing), public management (concentrating on sports management), tourism management (concentrating on sports tourism), journalism (concentrating on sports journalism), English (concentrating on sports English), recreational sports, sports rehabilitation and health, applied psychology (concentrating on sports psychology), education and technology (concentrating on sports information and technology) .

In recent years, its 19 national teaching and research bases and key laboratories have undertaken 210 national and provincial research projects. In addition, its teaching staff have been awarded 494 prizes in teaching and research at the provincial level and above, and published more than 4,170 academic papers and 327 books and textbooks.

The university has combined teaching, training and research to nurture all-round competitive sports talent with outstanding technical expertise and talent in the practical application of sports education. With the advantages in disciplines and faculty, it has established complete theoretical and practical training systems in snow events, track and field, boxing and Paralympics events at the world level. Student athletes exclusively trained by the university have won 84 gold medals in the Olympic Games, World Championships and World Cups and 17 gold medals in Paralympics.

The university has established cooperation in academic research, teacher and student exchanges with more than 30 universities in over 20 countries including the United States, Great Britain , Russia, France, Germany, Austria, Australia , Demark, theRepublicofKorea,Japan and Vietnam.

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